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Your Profiles: One Username

Life is too short...

to be spent trying to find usernames, phone numbers & email-adresses. It should be spent going on adventures, creating memories and building new relationships. Whether its between new friends or potential partners, between fans and a celebrity. Whatever the relationship - it always begins with Gaddr.


Want to share your profiles with someone? Just give them your Gaddr. Gaddr supports up to 50+ different profiles, all in one place.

The Gaddr App

Organize your profiles, set privacy and explore profiles nearby you. Met a new person? Send your selected profiles instantly, without usernames. And thats it, a new relationship!

Brands & businesses, influencers & streamers

Let Gaddr help you reach your full social potential!


Categorize your profiles into packs and give to the right person, at the right time. Some profiles you can choose to only give to selected people.

Selected profiles can be made public by you and can be seen and search by the world - if you want to.

Thank you!

Thank you for using Gaddr to build new relationships!

It an amazing journey to bring Gaddr to the world and we are just getting started. The Gaddr Team is located in Stockholm, the startup capital of Europe.

/ Francisco & The Gaddr Team